Justice for All – Addressing Racism Biblically

If we believe that racism is wrong based on the objective Word of God (See "What is Our Authority"), then we should also look  to the same source for the solution of racism.  This message seeks to find a distinctively biblical method to address both our own tendencies towards bias and how to practice brining unity to a very divided world.

Previously we looked at the problems with one of the current models addressing racism, Critical Race Theory, now we want to spend more time looking at a biblical view of the problem to know how to take steps to address it, first in our own lives and then in our community.  We will see what God says about man-made divisions in the church vs. biblical distinctions.  We will discuss how we should look at different cultures, and seek to avoid the "Newman Effect" in our attitudes towards those who think differently than us.  May this sermon help get us started towards a new, better view of our fellow humans.


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