Monthly Archives: May 2022

Final Justice

What will it take to make everything right on the earth?  What will absolute justice look like, where people get what they deserve and evil is erased?  Will that ever happen?  The book of Revelation has the answers, but before looking at the details, we have to discuss the rational behind it all. In the…
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Happy Mother’s Day!

You won't want to miss this special Mother's Day service as 4 members of First Baptist share tributes of their mom's impact on their lives. They will be sharing about their mom's influence on their walk with God and how she helped form them to be the people they are today. I hope you will…
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Who is Worthy?

We ask this question often.  Right now there are people thinking "Who is worthy to go out with?" or "Who is worthy to marry?" Businesses are asking "Who is worthy to hire?" or "Who is worthy of this contract?".  Each November election the nation is answering the question "who is worthy to lead us?".  In…
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