Caring for the Children of the World

Does God care about children?  I hope you don't have to ask that.  All over the Bible we see God emphasizing the importance of children and the blessing that they are.  In the Gospels we see Christ highly valuing kids and rebuking His disciples for trying to keep them away from Him.  The big question is, what is our view of children?

In some homes today, children are the best cared for they have ever been.  Doting on and spoiling children is presented as the norm, as the thing good parents do.  Yet while  more money than ever is being spent on our children, the picture worldwide and in many homes here in America is vastly different than this television commercial image.  Statistics say there are multiple children dying every minute from starvation.  And in America, hunger, neglect, and abuse of children is a much larger problem than we would all like to think.  What should be our reaction to this?  What should Christians as individuals and as the organized church be doing?  This message today is all about seeing children as Christ does and finding out personally what God wants us to do in light of that.

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