We are glad you are taking a moment to check out our website. Elimsport Baptist exists to glorify God and multiply followers of Him. We hope what you find will make you want to come visit us in person. During Covid-19, Sunday worship is at 10:45 both at the church and online. Please see ‘What to Expect’ for more information regarding the changes we have made regarding COVID-19

  • Standing Strong in the Lord

    What are you doing with your life that Satan would love to stop?  What are you doing that Satan would love to see you keep doing?  Those are two big battlefields in your life: the things...

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  • Special Guest – Cliff Bourne

    A special guest speaker, Cliff Bourne, shared how the creation clearly declares a Creator. We accept the Genesis account of creation and believe that man came by direct creation of God and not by evolution. We...

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  • The Delusion of Safety and Self-Sufficiency

    There are two things we tend to believe that are completely untrue in our walk with God.  The first is that we are sufficient in ourselves to live the Christian life and obey all the commands...

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We are a church committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We believe that our purpose here is to help believers grow in Christ and to together proclaim God’s glory to the world.