We are glad you are taking a moment to check out our website. Elimsport Baptist exists to glorify God and multiply followers of Him. We hope what you find will make you want to come visit us in person.

  • Beyond Healing

    We all like to think we are pretty good.  Sometimes we might think that we became Christians in part because of the good that is in us.  Maybe you think that the way to heaven is…

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  • Why?

    There are many things we would like to ask God "Why" about, but have you ever thought about "Why did He save me"?  Or maybe for you the question is, "Why would He want to save…

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  • A Prayer to be Praying for Others

    We pray for many things.  Sometimes ourprayers are spur-of-the-moment silent prayers for help, sometimes they are prayers for the health needs of others, sometimes they are brief thank-yous to God.  I wonder though, how much time…

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We are a church committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We believe that our purpose here is to help believers grow in Christ and to together proclaim God's glory to the world.