We are glad you are taking a moment to check out our website.  Elimsport Baptist exists to glorify God and multiply followers of Him. We hope what you find will make you want to come visit us in person.


  • Together at Last!

    This Sunday we are having our first in person service in 12 weeks!  We are going to use the outdoors as our venue for this first time back together.  Join us for this full worship service…

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  • Who Do You Want to Be Like?

    From the very day we are born, we begin looking to others for cues on how to live.  God has given children the incredible desire to both mimic their parents and seek a response from their…

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  • Plans for an upcoming in-person worship service!

    Here are some specifics: It is planned for May 31 and will be weather permitting.  Pray that God will bless us with a dry Saturday and Sunday.  If there is any significant risk of rain or…

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Coming Events

We are a church committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We believe that our purpose here is to help believers grow in Christ and to together proclaim God’s glory to the world.