We are glad you are taking a moment to check out our website. Elimsport Baptist exists to glorify God and multiply followers of Him. We hope what you find will make you want to come visit us in person. During Covid-19, Sunday worship is at 10:45 both at the church and online. Please see ‘What to Expect’ for more information regarding the changes we have made regarding COVID-19

  • The Importance of One

    Do you feel frustrated and helpless when watching the news, wondering what you can possible do to bring good in such a dark time?  What can one person do? Do you feel small in a world...

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  • Handling an Impossible Situation

    Sometimes we can find ourselves faced with a crisis that just appears out of the blue.  Maybe it is a sudden health emergency, the unwelcome news of a job ending abruptly, a fire, a family member...

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  • Daniel – Living Godly in an Ungodly World

    Imagine the world as you know it crashing down all around you.  One of your best kings just died in battle 3 years ago and his son who is now ruling is lousy.  Your country is...

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We are a church committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We believe that our purpose here is to help believers grow in Christ and to together proclaim God’s glory to the world.