Next Level Kids

Next Level Kids is a program designed to encourage children to take notes during the service and learn how to apply the teaching to their everyday lives.    Children earn points based on their notes and interaction following the service with their parents or coach.

  • Kindergarten through 8th Grade
  • Children are encouraged to complete a Worship Worksheet with parent’s assistance, if needed. Materials are located on the back table or on the church website.
  • My Worship Notes: Pre-designed worksheet designed to help K-3rd graders learn how to take notes during a church service.
  • My Worship Sheet: Single notebook sheet for when your child is ready to take notes without any worksheet guidelines.
  • Children should have their worksheets or notebooks checked by a parent or coach at the end of the service to determine points earned.
  • Leave completed sheets on table at the rear of the church after the service.
  • Points are recorded and will be converted into gift cards quarterly to reward the child for their hard work. Gift cards are currently for McDonalds or Dairy Queen, but merchants may change.
  • Every 10 Points equals $1.00 toward a gift card. Gift cards are in $5.00 increments.
  • Special events like bells, choir and other activities will count toward points. Please email or note on point sheet.
  • Children can watch the service online and parents can submit points at any time, including previous services.


Kids Next Level - 1-3 - 2023

Kids Next Level - 4-6 - 2023