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Trusting God While He Works His Plan

Trust has to be earned - correct?  Do you have a doctor you trust?  A mechanic or home contractor?  If you do, it is likely because they have earned your trust.  You have done business with them, or you know them, and they have proven themselves.  They have a reputation of doing what they promised;…
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Dropping Hints Part 2 – Hope in the Darkness

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt?  A hunt where you follow a string of clues to eventually arrive at the treasure?  In the Old Testament of the Bible God has given us a treasure hunt of sorts.  Throughout the books of the Law, the Poetry and Wisdom books, and of course, the Prophets,…
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Dropping Hints: Key Old Testament Prophecies of Messiah

Evil, pain, and suffering fill the pages of the Old Testament and all of human history.  Evil men commit evil acts that bring death and destruction.  Is there any hope in all that?  Can God bring good from that? Last week we began looking at the roots of the Christmas story and why it was…
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