Dropping Hints Part 2 – Hope in the Darkness

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt?  A hunt where you follow a string of clues to eventually arrive at the treasure?  In the Old Testament of the Bible God has given us a treasure hunt of sorts.  Throughout the books of the Law, the Poetry and Wisdom books, and of course, the Prophets, God has laid down all kinds of clues, "hints", of the coming Messiah.  In the book of Matthew, in the New Testament, we see some of these clues highlighted, but the real blessing is going back to the beginning and following the treasure hunt to the treasure of Christ.

But this treasure hunt is not just for entertainment or trivia, this treasure hunt gives us something much more valuable.  This treasure hunt gives hope, for we see that the ancient societies of Israel and Judah were struggling with some of the same things we struggle with today.  Their darkness was much like the darkness that surrounds us and the threats that they face were like the threats faced by so many countries today.  The good news?  The hope that these clues gave them, is hope for us today also.  I hope you will listen and find hope in the darkness.

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