Who is Worthy?

We ask this question often.  Right now there are people thinking "Who is worthy to go out with?" or "Who is worthy to marry?" Businesses are asking "Who is worthy to hire?" or "Who is worthy of this contract?".  Each November election the nation is answering the question "who is worthy to lead us?".  In just a little over two years we will once again be seeking to answer the question, "Who is worthy to be our President?"  Anyone? Regrettably, we often are faced with compromises, picking the lesser of two evils.

As important as the President question may be, there is a much bigger question: Who is worthy to rule the universe?  Who is worthy to judge it?  Who has the knowledge and the proper standard by which to judge?  Who has the character that we can trust with such a large responsibility?  Who is right?  Who is just?  Who is worthy?  Who can I trust with my life and those of the entire planet?  The entire universe?  Do I have to make compromises?  Is there anyone worthy? This Bible answers this very clearly.  Come, take a look at how Revelation 5 answers, "Who is worthy?".

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