Justice For All – What is our Authority?

In the battle against injustice, there is a major question that needs to be answered before we can make any significant forward progress.  We have to decide what injustice is!  Who gets to define it?  It is not until we define injustice can we set out to solve and eradicate it.  The problem is, there are many differing opinions both on what injustice is and how to fix  it, so we have to go back another layer and determine what authority source we are using to determine right from wrong.

You see, the definition of right and wrong, justice and injustice, ultimately has to be based on some absolute authority,  Is it government?  Whose government?  What form of government?  Is the authority public opinion?  Who's opinion?  What happens when it changes?

Today's message is going to argue for an authority source that is much more stable than public opinion and much more pure and reliable than any form of government.  I hope you will watch as we discuss this incredibly important, foundational message in the series "Justice for All".  I think it is the most significant one.

Pastor Todd

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