Justice for All Series: The Problem of Racism

July 18, 2021 - Racism has been a major issue in the news for decades, but especially these past 12 months.  The topic is hot and the views on it are many.  Some say its all fake news, that racism is not an issue in America.  They say it is just a created illusion being used for political purposes and to drum up viewers for the news stations.  Other's say that it is persistent, systemic, and will never go away and all whites need to fess up to their lifelong racism that is inherent in their "whiteness".

What is true?  How can we know if we are racist and what should be done about it? These are some of the questions we will be grappling with this week and next.  As always, the purpose is to address injustice from a biblical viewpoint: properly identifying and defining the problem and looking at what God says about it.  May God use these messages to change hearts and bring glory to Himself through His people living and serving together in unity as He intended.



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