Living By Truth

I was reading over some of my daughters notes from her class on conflict resolution.  I was struck by all the ways that we as humans can be different from each other:  Different in gender, different regarding our family of origin and its structure,  different regarding our culture and ethnicity, different in temperament, different in skills, different in social status, and on and on the list goes.  These differences make us look at our world differently and interact with it differently.  It also makes it hard to determine what is truth and what is just my perspective?  What should be an unchanging conviction and what is just personal preference?

In this sermon, I will be talking about getting down to bedrock truth.  This is truth that is universal, that transcends time and transcends personality and cultural differences.  I want to remind you of a dependable place to turn to for an accurate perspective on life and I also want to remind you of the importance of being able to listen to other viewpoints and those who would question your beliefs to get down to what is REALLY true.  I hope you will listen in today and also take the time this week to listen an earlier message on disagreement found here.

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