I Disagree!

One of the biggest problems I observe in the news today that drains the hope out of seeing meaningful, productive changes in public policy and opinion is that as a society we have become extremely polarized, and while we have much disagreement, we have little quality debate and only small amounts of polite, meaningful dialogue.

So this message today is about disagreement, debate, and dialogue.   Don't worry, it is not political!  While it may touch on your interactions on social media, it is much more than that.  While it is timely, as there is much yelling and screaming going on in our world, both literally and figuratively, over politics and politicians, the issue is much deeper than that.  And while you may say, “I don’t talk about such topics, I don’t use social media, and I know how to be silent and polite, this sermon is still for you too, because sometimes you shouldn’t be silent – that is not always the answer.

The Bible has much to say on the power of our words and the responsibility we have to use them well; in discussion, problem solving, and people helping.  Come join us Sunday, whether virtually or in person, as we talk about how we can have healthy, helpful discussions even when we disagree, and see why this is so important for a Christian to, well, talk about.

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