Hope for Weary Souls Part 5

This is the last message in the series "Hope for Weary Souls" and speaks on how to move forward in a sustainable way.  If you haven't heard the first 4 messages, I encourage you to do so, you can begin here.

In this message we want to talk about living from the fulness of God.  Our spiritual and emotional resources are quite limited on our own but when we depend on God, our resources our immeasurable.  While we must always acknowledge that we are human with physical limitations, when doing God's work God's way, we are able to thrive in a hard and sorrow-filled world.

The key is to follow God's guidance for our life.  He has given us His Word for wisdom and guidance, His Spirit for strength and His church for community and perspective.  Listen in on just how essential it is that we plug into these resources and never try to live apart from them.

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