Hope for Weary Souls Part 1: What Gets Us Down?

What gets you down?  What wears on you, makes you feel that life is more than you can bear?  We all feel stress at times, we all experience loss, but sometimes, the severity of these and other difficult life events begin to take their toll.  Sometimes the sheer number of adverse experiences that we are dealing with become cumulatively overwhelming.

In this message we want to explore and validate the wear and tear that life's struggles can take on our emotional well-being.  We want to do a mental health check and see if we accurately understand where God is in the difficult times.  Do we believe He cares?  Have we learned to reach out to Him?  Do we have accurate expectations for this life? This message kicks off a five-part series on finding help when we feel worn-out or overwhelmed.   I hope you will follow along even if you aren't struggling right now.  I hope it will both equip you for your own struggles that will invariably come, and help you bear the burdens of those who are hurting now.

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