Hope for Weary Souls Part 4 – Developing a Healthy Lifestyle

A lot of the stress and anxiety in our lives can be eliminated!

Isn’t that good news?

Now I am not talking about getting rid of your kids or your spouse.  I’m not talking about quitting your job or getting a total home makeover.  I’m talking about steps that we all can make in our lives to eliminate lies and negative influences that unnecessarily stress us out and weigh us down.

So much of the weight that we carry is from unrealistic expectations, negative influences, and lies that we believe.  I’ve tried to already help eliminate some of those lies. If you have been following this series, you have learned how much God loves His children, how much He desires for us to bring our weakness and weariness and overwhelm to Him.  I hope that I have sufficiently shown you from Scripture that God is in touch with us as humans, that through Jesus' time here on earth as a human, He has experienced all the temptations and struggles that we have.  My desire has been that you know this and are in the habit of going to Him.

But there is much more we need to do to develop a healthy lifestyle free from unnecessary stress and struggle (note the word "unnecessary", we can't eliminate it all).  I hope that you will listen to today's message and that it will help you take so steps in the right direction.

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