Hope for Weary Souls Part 2 – Confronting the Struggle

Are you weary?  We began this series to help address the pain, sorrow, stress, and worry that have many people down.  Life is doubtless going to be hard at times, the question is, can you rise above?  While times of sorrow and mourning are to be expected, and stress will come no matter what we do, some seem to handle it better than others.  What is the key?  Is it ignoring our emotions?  Is it medicating them?

In this message we want to talk about those feelings of pain and sorrow and gain the right perspective.  We want to talk about how to handle them in a healthy way that brings healing and restoration and helps us to go forward stronger and better equipped for whatever life throws at us.  My desire is that you come away encouraged and knowing that God wants to help you and walk with you through these difficulties.

To hear the first message in this series, please click here

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