Is it Political or is it Biblical? Part 3

According to a recent poll, 30% of the population believes that Christians should be silent on the issues of politics.  While 61% disagree with this sentiment, it has still led many to choose to be silent for fear of being censured.  It has also led many pastors to shy away from topics that are anything close to being labeled "political".  Sadly, the result is that many Christians are now illiterate on crucial biblical topics because they have been stamped with the label "political".

This is the third message in a series meant to address this problem by asking the question "Is it political or is it biblical?".  So many issues labeled political are actually biblical issues that God wants us to know and share His position on.  This message completes a list of 5 such topics that God speaks on loud and clear in His Word.  I trust you will find it helpful.  If you would like to hear the first two on the list, click here.

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