Is it Political or is it Biblical? Part 2

If you listen, watch, or read just about any daily news report, it is obvious there is much division in our world.  The ever-present political ads that election season brings highlights this division.  Is there a wrong or right in all of this?  Are the issues that divide us simply preference issues?  Are they philosophical issues?  Is there a clear wrong or right in any of them?

These are the very questions I want to address in this message, part 2 of "Is it Political or is it Biblical?"  Some would say the problem is the division and that we should just be silent to heal our nation.  I believe the problem is our understanding, or lack of understanding, of the issues themselves and their seriousness.  Every political issue leads to policy and policy affects people's lives, often in very significant ways.  I encourage you to follow this series (click here for Part 1) to discover what God says about the issues that are dividing our land.  Learn how serious they are and discover some of the foundational issues behind them.  I think you will find that God says much about them.

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