Is it Political or Biblical?

When I went to college in the 90's, dialogue between two opposing sides was very much encouraged.  It was encouraged in private colleges and in public ones, by liberals and conservatives.  It was generally agreed on as a hallmark of a democratic free society and necessary for higher, critical thinking.

Unfortunately, things have changed.  Cancel culture has made everyone afraid to politely disagree and discuss any topic that is even slightly divisive.  No longer are you just afraid of getting mocked or receiving a snarky remark, you are in danger of being censured, cancelled, or worse.

This has led to much confusion, especially among Christians, who feel they have some important things to say, but they are not sure if they should say them.  We find ourselves asking the question, should I speak?  Should I discuss this?  Should I vote? What should I base my vote on?  Which issues are biblical, and which are simply political and should be left alone?

This series of sermons is meant to address all those questions and more.  This first sermon, I believe, is especially critical as it discusses some foundational issues important to all the rest.  I hope you will listen; I believe it will help you navigate some very difficult, critical topics in a biblical way.

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