The Beginning and End of False Religion – Part 2

This message continues our study of Revelation 17 and the final end of all false religions.  As we said last time, false religion is like fake medicine.  It is taken by someone who is dying hoping to be made well.  Worse than just being sick, the person taking fake medicine believes they are getting better.  They think they are okay and therefore are not seeking help.

Satan uses false religion to accomplish his goal of redirecting all worship away from the true God and manipulate mankind to follow him instead.  Satan's superpower has always been deception and death and during the last 7 years of this world he will get to exercise it like never before.  He will use a unified religion to consolidate the worship of the world, then redirect his followers to another purpose.  God, however, has preordained this as His way of ending false religion once all.  Come see again how God is working all things according to His perfect plan.

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