Seeing God’s Perfection in Our Weakness

We usually try to put our best side forward and often, try to present ourselves better than we really are. In a world where weakness is exploited and only the exceptional are celebrated, it is understandable that we never want to let our flaws or limitations show.  Unfortunately, our efforts to always appear perfect and in control only serve to isolate us and discourage.  Some keep trying harder to convince themselves and others they are champions.  Other begin to experience hopelessness.

Hopelessness is an understandable feeling, as there are many forces beyond our control that make the world a scary and bleak place.  They good news is, there is a God who comes to us in our hopelessness and helplessness.  There is a God who gives strength in weakness and who is in control even in the darkest times.  The Christmas story is all about this.  It is about a God who comes to save, but not as a superhero with an earth-shattering entrance.  He comes quietly and meekly, because He is "gentle and lowly in heart" and He wants to give us "rest for our souls".  I hope you will listen as we look at both sides of the Christmas account: God's absolute control and His humble arrival in the form of a man.

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