Seeing God’s Faithfulness in Judgment

Judgment is usually seen as a bad thing, right?  We are told "don't judge" and those who do are often labeled haters.  If, however, we want a world with justice, judgment is necessary.  Deep down, we know that is true, but it worries us.  We all have standards of right and wrong that we want others to follow, but we all realize that we struggle to live up to those very standards we have set. The turmoil in the world is not just the result of people having different standards, but most of us fail to meet our own!

God, however is perfect, and will judge with perfect knowledge and impartiality.  That is good news and terrifying news!  The good news is that what is truly evil will be judged and eliminated.  The bad news is that we all know we aren't perfect.  God also offers help on that front:  He sent His perfect Son Jesus to die in our place.  If we humbly confess our need for this gift and ask, trusting Him to give as He promised, we are forgiven and delivered from this day of wrath.  The passage we are studying today from Revelation 14 and 15 discusses with vivid imagery these very themes.  I hope you will list in.

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