Moved to Prayer

What impact does watching the news have on you? What impact does the Word of God have on you?  Sometimes, it should be the same - intense prayer.  The pain, suffering, and depravity we see on the news should drive us to call out to God.  The wonder, awe, and terror that come from getting a good view of God and ourselves through the Scriptures should also drive us to God.  In fact, the more we thoughtfully read God's Words, the more we see the world through His eyes, and the more we will want his intervention in it.

Daniel models this truth well and gives us much to think about in Daniel 9.  We will begin by better understanding the background of Daniels prayer and understand in with the context of his book and the greater context of the Old Testament.  I invite you to join in this study of his famous prayer of confession and intercession on behalf of his people and then continue with us over the next few weeks as we begin unpacking the famous "70 weeks" prophecy.

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