Worshiping Our Exalted Christ

It has been the goal of Satan down through time to rob Jesus Christ of the glory that He deserves.  He not only works to keep unbelievers from the truth, but is very active deceiving believers.  Some of his most destructive work is causing confusion and false teaching in the church.

Our passage for today in Philippians 2 speaks to the heart of the Gospel, the deity of Jesus Christ and His current position on His throne in heaven.  The truths of this passage cut to the heart of some of the most damnable heresies of Satan.  It also addresses the responsibility of all people, especially those who are Christ-followers, to worship Christ.  It is our purpose to bring glory to God by the worship and exaltation of His Son Jesus Christ.  Jesus said in John 4 that the Father is seeking true worshipers.  Are you one?  Is it your life mission to bring Him glory?  These are some of the issues we will address as we continue our study in Philippians 2

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