Why Does the Church Meet on Sunday?

I can remember in 1989, when I started working at a local grocery store, we were closed on Sundays.  In fact, apart from the mall, gas stations, and restaurants, most other businesses were closed on Sunday.  My manager at that time told me that when he was a kid, you couldn't even find gas stations open on Sunday.  Even today, most professions outside of retail stores, have the weekend off.  Why?  While few talk about it, it is the result of Christianity.  When Christ entered the world at the beginning of what we call the Common Era, Sunday was just another day.  In fact, for Jews, it was the day they went back to work, the day after the Sabbath.

So why does the Christian church meet on Sunday?  Why did it become special?  That is what we will be exploring today.  We will actually take it as two questions: "Why does the church meet?" and "Why do they meet on Sunday?"  Listen and find out!

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