What’s in My Future?

Have you ever wondered what the future held?  Being able to answer that has been the plotline of many stories, TV shows, and movies.  Sometimes it would be very convenient to know what tomorrow holds, sometimes it would be horrible.

Only one really knows the future, whether we are speaking of our personal future or the future of the world, and that one is God.  Astrologers and mystics pretend to, but only God knows for sure.  He does not just “see” the future, but He controls the future (Isaiah 46:9-10).  Not only that, He has revealed some glimpses of it to us.  While we can’t find exact details for tomorrow morning at 8, or nail down specific dates for some of the events predicted; God has given us a pretty detailed glimpse into how things will wrap up for this world as we know it.

Now the study of prophesy has fallen out of popularity the last few decades due in part to its over-popularity in the preceding decades and also due in part to the differences in theology among popular speakers, but it should not be ignored.  I encourage you to listen to my message today from Daniel 7 as we began looking at the visions God gave to Daniel and discuss their significance.  We will discuss why it is important to study prophecy and begin to unpack the many connections Daniel’s visions have to all the rest of Scripture.  It will be very relevant to anyone who wants to know what God is up to and what His will is for us today.

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