What Makes Our Church Special Part 2

In the book of Revelation, Jesus dictates letters to seven different churches. It is clear that even back then churches were different, and some were clearly better than others. That is true as well today, and should make us wonder, what can we do to make sure we would get a good letter, if Jesus were writing one today?  This message, together with the previous one, asks "What makes our church special?" It is not just about discussing the distinctives of our church but gives us a chance to consider how we measure up according to God's will for churches. 

In the last message we looked at our beliefs, practices, and size, this message will look primarily at our culture. I want to highlight some of the things that make our church great, but then look at some ways our culture could become better. While there is much good to celebrate, we want to always be evaluating how we compare to Scriptures mandates and adjust accordingly.  I trust this time together will be both encouraging and challenging for you.

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