What is Your Ultimate Goal?

So you are reading this post -why?  Are you thinking of watching the service?  Why?

What motivates you to come to church or watch it here?  Are you looking for answers to questions?  Are you looking for Bible teaching?  Do you feel an obligation to be part of church on Sunday, one way or another?  What is bringing you here?

If you are driven by guilt or obligation, or thinking that spending some time in church on Sunday's is going to help you get to heaven, could I recommend that you first watch my last message from Philippians 3 here? 

If you are a follower of Jesus, and you are joining in out of habit, wonderful, but is that enough?  You see, often, we as believers have too small or too limited of a goal when it comes to our faith.  We often think that gaining information about God and living a "good" life is enough.  But God has much bigger plans for each of us.  This message takes us back to Philippians 3 where Paul talks about the ultimate goal that should be driving us as followers of Jesus.  I hope that you will follow along to see if you are striving for the right one and to gain insight on how to do just that.


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