What Does God Say About Work?

What do you think about work? Is it just a means to an end; a way to provide what you need and want?  Is it a blessing or a curse?  Does it define you? In this sermon series we will be taking a look at what God says about it and see how the common views on work match up to His.

We will explore the right attitude to have towards work, what role it should play in our life, and whether or not God even cares about the job we do.  While this study will be anchored in our study on the book of Ephesians, we are going to spend time going all the way back to Genesis to get a biblical view of labor.  We will follow the Scripture's teachings throughout the Old Testament as they lead us all the way back to the exhortation in Ephesians.

I believe it will be helpful and enlightening to you and maybe it will give you a different perspective the next time you punch in at work.  I hope on Sunday morning you will click the video link below to join the livestream or consider joining us in person!  For some help knowing what to expect if you come to the church building for the Sunday Morning Worship Service, just click here.  Feel free at anytime to reach out to us for help or with questions via the contact information here.


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