What do you know that you don’t really know?

In this information saturated world that we live in, facts and statistics are everywhere and can be accessed in milliseconds.  The problem is not knowing information, it is knowing the significance of it.  This is not a new problem!

We have been challenged since the beginning to appreciating the significance of the information we have.  Our sense are constantly bombarding our mind with information and our brain has to sift through all that input and triage it according to importance.  The "sifting" process, however, is not always reliable as it is something we train. It is  largely built on prior information and the importance we have placed on it.  As a result, we can keep ignoring the same critical input over and over; we can "know" something very important yet reject it, because we don't know the significance of it.

This is the exact problem the disciples who walked with Jesus had.  He had told them multiple times that the crucifixion was coming very soon.  He had reminded them from the Old Testament that it was predicted, but when it happened, they were clueless and unprepared.  In this Easter message, I want us to consider how that was possible and what we can learn from it.  What might we be missing right now that God has been saying to us?  What information might we be ignoring that could be lifechanging? Do you know?

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