What are you Seeking?

30 A.D. was a tough time to be a Jew in Jerusalem.  Oppression by Rome, corrupt rulers, oppressive taxes.  There was a deep longing for a deliverer, someone who would fix things and who would be a worthy ruler to follow; but what does that mean?  Do all agree one what it means to "fix things"? Does everyone agree on what a worthy ruler is?  We certainly don't today!

Things were no different in 30 A.D.  Everyone had a different idea of how things should be and who a worthy leader was.  This message looks at the Triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem and all the expectations that went with it.  It looks at the words of Jesus, who could see through the fanfare into the hearts of the people to see what they really wanted, and it wasn't what He was bringing.  This message is not just about an historical event, it is about the ongoing human condition and our very real need and longing for a worthy king to follow.

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