Unity Through Humility

It seems we live in a time marked most by disunity.  Over the course of 2020 and the years following, we as a society have become more and more polarized.  Sadly, it has been true in the church as well, and that is a tragedy.

At the heart of disunity is pride.  We all think we know better and ARE better than everyone else.  I remember once, many years ago, a political cartoon mocking one of the many presidential candidates.  It showed him holding a sign that said, "Everyone else is an elitest pig".  That about sums it up for the attitude so many people have.

The church of Christ, however, should be vastly different.  While we believe that we hold the source of truth - God's Word, we must never become proud and arrogant with it.  In Philippians 2 Paul shares an antidote to this problem and pleads with the Philippians to make his joy full through unity.  Look with me if you would at the way we accomplish this.

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