Trusting the God Who Holds the Future

Can anyone accurately tell the future?  Even more significantly, can anyone control the distant future, especially as it concerns world events?

If you met such a person, would you trust them?

Daniel chapter 2 clearly states that no human can tell the future.  It also states, however, that God can.  In fact, He doesn't just know it, He controls it.  He has also chosen to make some of it known to us.  This week I think we will begin to see why the book of Daniel is known for its prophecy.  Chapter two of Daniel tells us about Nebuchadnezzar's prophetic dream and its meaning.  I will explain it and show which predicted events have already been fulfilled in history and which are still future.  This study is not going to just focus on events though, but also on what we can learn about God.

An understanding of recorded and fulfilled prophecy is not just interesting, it should produce an effect on our outlook and behavior now.  It should put us in awe of God.  It should cause us trust Him more.  It should also help us better interpret the world we currently live in. I hope to demonstrate that in this weeks message.  The livestream of the service will be available right here starting at 10:45 Sunday morning and if you want, you can catch past instalments of the series by clicking  here.

Pastor Todd

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