Trusting That God Will Finish What He Started

Sometimes we have trust issues.  We struggle to believe that God really does love us and is working in our lives.  Bob La Forge writes, in his book Contemplating the Almighty, "To say that God is faithful or consistent is not to imply, however, that He is predictable. Much bitterness toward God results from a misconception of this. Too often we speculate and try to guess the actions of God and, therefore, develop expectations. Through our limited and often perverted reasoning, we determine the “best” for our lives and then consider God’s only reasonable response to be one of quick and complete fulfillment."

Something that can help us with this problem we have of trust and wanting to predict God or tell Him the best course of action, is to study His Word.  We see in Scripture that God's timing is very different than ours.  God is often doing much more than we thank and it can take much longer than we want.

Today's message is on the last few verses of Daniel 9 (Click here to see related messages).  It is one of the most famous prophecies of Scripture as it not only promised the arrival of the Messiah 400 plus years in advance, but also outlines what is yet to happen in our future.  We will be discussing, not just the predictions, but the impact they should have on our understanding of God.  I trust it will help give you perspective for your life right now.

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