God’s Design for Family – Part 2

There are many, many, broken and failed marriages in our world today.  So bad is the problem and so painful the fallout that many have taken the view that the whole idea of traditional marriage is faulty.

Adding to this tragedy are the many husbands and wives who claim to be following God's plan for marriage but who either have a very twisted view of what that means or who hypocritically say one thing while living quite another in private.  This has led to further the criticism and rejection of God's plan.  Please join us this week as we continue to study God's design as it is laid out in Scripture, particularly in the book of Ephesians.  Follow with us in the biblical record and let God tell us His plan rather than let other's define and "refine" it.  He is the Creator and He alone knows what is best and what the path to peace and joy is.


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