Together for Christ

What are you willing to sacrifice and suffer for?  The truth is, we generally try to avoid suffering and sacrifice, but I think all of us have something, or maybe several somethings, that we are willing to sacrifice for.  Maybe if you are parents or grandparents and you are willing to give all for your children (or grandchildren).  Maybe it is a goal you are trying to achieve.  Maybe it is a sport that you are committed to.

In this message from Philippians 1 we are going to look at the greatest cause we could every suffer and sacrifice for.  It is the cause of Christ, the Gospel.  So many things we invest our time, effort, and strength in (apart from other human beings) are short-lived and ultimately have little meaning.  Anything we do for Christ, however, has ultimate, eternal meaning.  Join in as we look at the example and admonition of the Apostle Paul.  Be willing to gain a new perspective.

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