To the Church – The Revelation of Jesus Christ

What do you know about the book of Revelation? What do you think of when someone mentions this book of the Bible? Do you think of weird symbols and creatures? Do you think of bizarre predictions and failed attempts to determine the exact date of the return of Christ and the destruction of the world as we know it? Do you think of a book that is impossible to understand and of little value to people to today?

I’d like to ask you to set aside all your preconceptions, all your attempts to connect the Antichrist with Donald Trump, Barak Obama, or Joe Biden and join me as we open God’s Word to the book of Revelation.  Let's allow God's Word unfold its message to us without our attempts to read messages back into it.  Let's consider together the reason this book was written as expressed by the Scripture itself and look at the context it was written in to help our understanding. Our focus will be on the Divine Author, Jesus Christ, and see what this book says about Him and the message He has for His people, the Church. Would you take your Bible and join me at Revelation chapter 1?

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