The Need to Give Thanks

Are you a glass half full-person or glass half-empty?  Some of that is related to personality, I realize.  Just going around optimistic all the time may sometimes be more about ignorance and avoidance than virtue (according to the pessimist), but being thankful is a choice.  Being thankful is not thinking everything will work out right.  Being thankful should not be contingent on a perfect world or a perfect situation in your world.  Giving  thanks is a choice to acknowledge the blessings we have, even when they exist together with many troubles.  More than that, giving thanks does something in our minds and in our hearts that is of supreme importance: it gets our focus on the Giver.  Blessings come and go, situations always change, but if we have our hope fixed on the Giver instead of the gifts, we will not be easily shaken.  I hope you will listen in as I expound on this important truth from Psalm 107.

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