The Importance of the Letters to the Churches

For many, church is something they go to.  It is "that building with the big steeple" or maybe it's "that gathering we attend each Sunday".  Some have it more correctly when they refer to the church as a group of people who meet each week to worship God.  The question is, do we realize how important the church is?  Church should never be seen simply as a building, a place, or just a casual gathering.  The church is the heart of God's plan for the world.

In our age of celebrating the individual it is easy for us to miss the centrality of the local church in the New Testament.  And in our age of celebrating the sensational, it is easy for us to miss the centrality of the church in the book of Revelation.

This message will highlight where the church fits into the current phase of God's plan for the ages.  It will show important the local church is to God and how important it should be to us.   We will be reminded that Revelation was written to churches.  This study will show how important the letters to the seven churches are, not just historically and interpretively, but for application in our lives today.  God gave Revelation to encourage the church to be faithful on the mission He gave us.  It was written to give us hope for the future and a long-view approach to life.  This sermon will remind us that God put us here for a reason, not just as individuals, but as His church.

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