The Importance of One

Do you feel frustrated and helpless when watching the news, wondering what you can possible do to bring good in such a dark time?  What can one person do?

Do you feel small in a world where powerful companies and superstars seem to dominate everywhere?

Do you feel insignificant when you look at the talented, beautiful, handsome, skilled, wealthy, (the list goes on and on) people around you?

The message planned for this weeks service (1/17 @ 10:45) is all about the power, value, and influence of one person.  It's not about being a superhero or a millionaire or a connected person, it's about recognizing the innate value of every single person and the incredible work God can do if we let Him use us.

I want to show you some great examples from the Bible of single, ordinary people God used to make a big impact.  I also want to show you how God declares every one of us as important, valuable, and worthy of respect; that the value of life is not based on your size, your accomplishments, your contributions, or your environment.  The value of life is based on being an eternal soul, made in God's image, and placed here on earth by His choice.  I hope God makes this message life-changing for you.

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