The Goal of the Great Commission

Racism, inclusion, bias; they are all words that are emotionally and politically charged.  Sadly, throughout all of human history, on every continent, nations and people groups have fought each other.  Whether the division is racial, national, or even socio-economic, one group has always been battling the other.  Pride, power, and greed has kept these fires of division burning strong.

All of this breaks the heart of God.  The world as He created it was designed for us to dwell together in peace.  The diversity we see among humans was designed as a beautiful thing, an expression of God's creativity. Sin changed all that; what God intended for good, sin turned to evil.  The division we see, and the pride, anger, and greed are a direct result of sin as seen in Genesis 3 and 11 in the Bible.

The good news?  God has had a redemption plan in place since before it was needed (Ephesians 1) and it is in process.  John 3:16 is the summary of this plan - God so loved the world that He gave His Son Jesus as a sacrifice to redeem whoever believes.  In this message, we will see how Revelation 7 is a glimpse of the reversal God is brining to this fallen world.  He will bring an end to the racial, national, and socio-economic division the world struggles with, because He will redeem a remnant from "every nation, tribe, people, and tongue and judge sin once and for all.  I hope you will listen and be blessed.

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