The Delusion of Safety and Self-Sufficiency

There are two things we tend to believe that are completely untrue in our walk with God.  The first is that we are sufficient in ourselves to live the Christian life and obey all the commands God has given us.  The second in that things will by nature work towards our success as believers if we don't mess them up.  Both of these beliefs are wrong, they are a delusion.

All through Scripture God calls on us to look to Him for strength, to "Abide in the vine" which refers to being to Him through prayer and His Word.  Scripture also warns us that we have an enemy: Satan.  Satan is both active and powerful and he has many helpers.  Join the service today as we look at these realities as taught in the sixth chapter of Ephesians.  This will be part one of a series that I trust will open your eyes to the seriousness of the struggle for the minds and souls of mankind.  Life is not a walk in the park, it is a battleground.

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