The Dead Church

Annual doctor visits are recommended because there are a variety of cancers and medical conditions that can be successfully treated if they are caught it time.  Unfortunately, many people walk around with serious health conditions, such as blocked arteries and dangerously high blood pressure, and they don’t even know it.  They need an outside source, generally a professional like a Dr., to give them the diagnosis they are missing while there is still time to treat it.

So it is in the spiritual realm.  Many Christians don’t realize how far they have fallen from fellowship with Christ because they have become isolated from those who would speak truth to them.  Many people don’t know they are headed for an eternity apart from God  in hell because they haven’t been exposed to the truth of God’s Word; the truth that reveals all mankind's need for Christ’s gift of forgiveness that He purchased on the cross.

In this message from Revelation 3, we are going to look at a letter written by Christ to a church that thought they were doing just fine, but in reality, they were spiritually dead.  It is a call for all of us to allow ourselves to be exposed to God's truth.  It is a call to respond to God's truth.

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