The Beginning and End of False Religion – Revelation 17

False religion is like fake medicine.  It is taken by someone who is dying hoping to be made well.  Worse than just being sick, the person taking fake medicine believes they are getting better.  They think they are okay and therefore are not seeking help.

Dr. John MacArthur Jr. writes "All the false religions of the world are attempts to run from the true God. They’re all satanic counterfeits sending men in the opposite direction from God. Isaiah 53, verse 6 sums it up: “All we like sheep have gone astray, turned everyone to his own way.” We’re like sheep in that we go astray. Sheep go astray by nature. Our nature sends us away from God. We flee from God. We flee in some noble effort to feel good about our fleeing, and so we invent false religion to accommodate our rebellion."

God hates false religion.  It both takes away the glory He deserves, it also leads humanity away from the true cure they need.  God does not sit idly by as this deception unfolds.  Not only does He raise up godly leaders and teachers to point people to the truth, but He has prepared an ultimate destruction for the false religions of the world.  Revelation 17 not only describes this destruction but reminds us of the dangers of deception and the Sovereignty of our God who is working all things according to His perfect plan.

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