The Beast and His Partner in Deception Part 1

Revelation 13 paints a portrait of a future leader to whom the nations of the world will give  absolute power and worship.  It describes how the world will submit to a totalitarian form of government where even the smallest buying and selling requires  the official seal of this man on your body and any disobedience results in death.  Amazingly, we will see that the nations not only submit to this; they will cheer it.

You see, in the midst of crisis, people are always looking for a deliverer.  The greater the crisis and the stronger the fear, the more people are willing to give up personal liberty to find peace.  History has shown us that often, people have very unwisely placed their fortunes completely in the hands of an opportunistic leader who skillfully intervened and promised great things, but who ultimately sacrificed the good of the people for his own gain.  Hitler is a powerful example of this.

But isn't there a better way?  What if their was someone who truly had our best interests in mind?  There is, it's Jesus Christ.  The more you know Him, the more you see  that He is truly wise, supremely powerful, and completely without guile.  Those who know Him best lay their lives completely in His hands with no regrets, for He Himself gave His life for all of us.  He invites you to come to Him for salvation, love, and freedom.  The invitation, however, has a definite expiration date.  Will you chose Him, or the Beast portrayed in Revelation 13?

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