The Arrival of the World’s Greatest Hero part 2

The last message began a study of Revelation 19.  This will continue that same theme - the arrival of the hero the world has needed.  For some this is great news, for others, the worst.

Those on earth in the last days that have been resisting the powers of evil in the world will see this as the deliverance they have longed for.  For followers of Christ already in heaven, it will be both the rescue mission and the establishment of righteousness they have been promised.  For those who continue to resist Christ and His Salvation, it will be annihilation.

Come see how thousands of years of biblical history and prophecy come together in this 19th chapter of the final book of God's Word.  May it be a blessing to you, may it open your eyes to things you have never realized before, may it cause you to know Christ and His Word in a new way.

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