Successful Parenting – Part 2

Last week we dug into the question, "What is success in parenting?" (watch here if you missed it) and we looked at God's teaching on the matter.  This week, with that target in mind , we will discuss strategies for teaching our children's life's most valuable truths.

Now if that statement brought and eye roll because you think I will suggest adding some formal program to your already packed schedule, don't tune me out yet!  That is not the purpose of this message.  Rather, I am suggesting that we take a look at many of the things we are already doing and see them for the valuable teaching moments that they are.  I'm going to discuss looking at some important options we have to make even entertainment be a value-teaching experiences.  I'm going to give you some suggestions on evaluating influences in your kids lives that are often overlooked or under-estimated.  We will look at how we can take potential hazards and change them to be powerful forces that help move your kids in the direction of true success.

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