Special Guests

Today we are privileged to have Asa and Suzanna Bartos and family with us.

God has called Asa and Suz to encourage the Latin American church to full maturity and equip them with training and resources that are inaccessible or lacking. They long to see Latin Americans multiply leaders, churches, and missions movements among every people.

Asa is passionate about teaching and counseling others and hopes to assist in planting churches, encouraging pastors, and counseling families, especially husbands and fathers. He is pursuing further ministry education in the realm of biblical counseling. Both he and Suz love music and expect this will always be a part of their ministry in some capacity.

Suz has a full-time discipleship ministry as a mother of three, but also hopes to provide education and encouragement for mothers seeking hope at prenatal clinics. Eventually she would like to help churches start prenatal clinics in places that do not have access to one.

We hope you will join as they share their burden and vision with us!


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