Serving God Where You Are, the Way You Are

Heroes often get celebrated, but the ordinary, can be forgotten.  The truth is though, that the world doesn't run on heroes. The world runs on ordinary people doing good. It runs on people doing the right thing, over and over every day, unnoticed.  While heroes are needed to stop super villains, what has helped us all the most is someone using their gifts and strengths on an everyday level to help one or two people near them.

The message today is meant to help encourage everyone to recognize the ways that God has uniquely shaped and placed each of them to accomplish the special task He has for them.  It is so easy to underestimate the impact each of us can have.  I want to encourage you to seize the opportunities God has given you and made you for.  God has given us the privilege of helping others and glorifying Him, may we each make the most of it!

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