Rethinking Our Prayers

It is a wonderful thing that we can pray for each other in difficult times.  We hold a weekly prayer meeting here every Wednesday night and it is so encouraging to hear people praying for each other and to share in subsequent weeks how God has answered.

Sometimes, however, God doesn't always do what we had hoped.  His answers aren't always the ones we had in mind, or they don't come as quickly as we had hoped.  The truth is, while God loves us more than any human ever could, and cares about our suffering, sometimes our difficulties and our sufferings are serving a greater purpose in our lives and in others.  It can be hard to know God's will at times.

Wouldn't it be great if you could always pray in God's will?  Always know what would be according to His plan?  Well, in some ways we can, and Paul gives us an example of that.  This message is the second in a series on the biblical book of Philippians and will look at one of Paul's prayers.  God recorded it for us to learn from, so I hope you will join in as we discover what He put there for us!


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